About the Customer

Since we collaborate

Gabriela Dobre approached us in April 2022 with the desire to obtain a new brand identity and a clear desire for promotion.

Gabriela came to us because she felt it was time for her financial consulting firm to gain recognition and a new image.

Services offered

Our collaboration began with the development of a rebranding, materialized through a brand manual and a strategic marketing direction.

Then I developed the website – gdtaxconsult.ro.

What does the client say about our collaboration?

"Most of all I appreciated the speed with which you started the collaboration. I would and will recommend you whenever I have the opportunity, why?

1- professional communication

2- the client's interest

3- transmitted trust

4- the exclusivity of the offered niche

5- the professional way of presenting the plan"

The brand manual includes the following:

Some other print screens from the manual:

Simulations on different materials

The marketing strategy was built on the structure:

We want long-term collaborations.

We offer marketing services in a personalized way based on consulting sessions in advance. Through #Hire_a_MabIT we provide the resources to promote your business correctly and efficiently.

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